These Sales Productivity errors can prove fatal to your Business

Major Issues faced with traditional sales processes are: –

Too many content locations
Having too many content locations is the most common scenario we hear from organizations. People are saving their documents and templates to their personal computers, team drives, file shares, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, — it’s practically spread everywhere.

Outdated content
Using and sending outdated content in proposals is the second most common of these sales productivity blunders.

Inconsistent formatting
People tend to repurpose old but still usable content that may not follow the latest branding guidelines, so salespeople have no choice but to keep reformatting the documents repeatedly for ne4.w proposals.

Content duplication
Looking for documents without knowing the search criteria in the first place can be frustrating. It takes time trying to identify which members of the team are in possession of the most up-to-date file. Often, the solution salespeople will opt for is to recreate the document altogether which causes duplication 5. of content.

Lack of insight
Salespeople do not know whether they should keep reusing the same content or if they need to make adjustments to make the proposal more persuasive.

Everything is manual
The manual process of repeatedly formatting documents and hunting for reusable, winning content in multiple locations impacts a salesperson’s productivity.

4 Ways to Enhance your Sales Productivity with Microsoft SharePoint

MS SharePoint enables organizations to collaborate and work together on a central platform. This gives better insights, latest information, real-time data visibility and content sharing capabilities.


These advantages of SharePoint helps an organization to:

1. Organise all your important documents in one central space
2. Automate the key steps of your document automation process to save time and effort
3. Provide insights on what content is effective through reports and dashboards
4. Ensure that the latest and the greatest content is used to create winning proposals

Organize and Automate your Sales Process with SharePoint / O365 SharePoint and move one step ahead towards boosting your sales team’s productivity. SharePoint provides you with the full suite of collaboration tools available at your fingertips.