COVID - 19 an Opportunity

“In the midst of chaos, comes opportunity”.

Sun Tzu A military strategist, the philosopher who is widely recognized for his work The Art of War.

COVID-19 has affected the societies and economies around the globe and it will permanently reshape our world as it continues to unfold. We have heard the adverse effects of this outbreak, never have we thought of any opportunity that came during this outbreak.

COVID-19 presents an opportunity to craft a new economic model. Work from Home is no new to the IT industry but will define a new normal for a lot of industries and will create new opportunities for us to be able to do more work globally. The global lockdown opened vistas for a generation of startups which could enable offices and public gatherings, in general, to go online.

Many offices and schools immediately, and almost seamlessly, switched to such software apps. Software companies are intensifying their focus on in-demand technologies and exploring innovative ways to serve their clients.

Companies are in need of online tools & software that can help them make this shift to digital classrooms & virtual office spaces seamless. Software Companies are coming up with Remotely suite to giving out a self-help portal for employees to stay connected in these difficult times, organizations are coming forward with new/updated product ranges.

A major line of tools & software that can help you survive another pandemic or one that can help you work around your established workflows are going to be welcomed. Remote working is turning mainstream and has also helped the teams to trust each other. Companies are getting into the culture where they trust the integrity of their employees & that they will loyally work even when there’s no one to look over their shoulders every now & then.

Employees now have an option to have Flexi work timing, Work-life balance has improved, which led to increased productivity in work. Now all businesses have to analyze if this world pandemic of COVID-19 is an opportunity for them or no.

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