Document Management System


The paper-based file storage system is slow, cumbersome and error-prone. Furthermore, it does not support the policies of its organization for efficient service delivery or the vision of the company to be a customer-oriented, world-class company.

A Document Management System is a management of digital documents used to track, Manage and store Documents.This User  friendly  Web  System  allows you to create a Knowledge Bank which is easy to use and Secure while encouraging collaboration within the Organisation.

Today Implementing Document Management System   is critical for a Business to Succeed, so while Searching for a Reputable DMS have to keep in mind the below mentioned Features it should Contain-

Features of Document Management System-

  • Store and Retrieve Files
  • Store all types of Documents
  • User Permissions and Access
  • Workflow Automation
  • Manage and Track File Versions
  • Control and Manage User Privileges with usage notifications
  • Check in / Check Out functionalities
  • Document Security
  • Customization as per client’s requirement

AscenWork DMS features come with the following –

  • Deployment On- premises or on Cloud
  • Support Multi- Language
  • Collaboration Portal
  • Multi Tenants

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SharePoint Document Management System