HR Administration Overview

HR Administration module empowers the HR Team to manage every single employee , to Employee divisions and departments.With HR Administration , HR team can approve any Data Change requests which the employee has applied for or set up an induction procedure with the checklist needed for induction.

Induction And Exit Overview

easyHR Exit Management Module helps streamline and automate the Exit Management right from the resignation requests, to conducting exit meetings, retaining employees and relieving them. Our Automated clearance process takes Exit Management to a higher level of ease thus helping HR managers to clear Employee formalities faster. Our dashboards helps in understanding the attrition rates and also the reason for employee exits which helps managers to identify and improve their critical areas.

Exit Management

Employees can initiate Exit Process / Resignation within the company, which needs to be Approved by Reporting Manager, once approved the same will be processed for HR Approval.

Resignation Approval

HOD / Managers need to approve an employee’s resignation request.Post the approval of resignation, other exit formalites will be initiated in the system

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Automated Asset /Payroll Clearance Process

Admin can initiate the Asset clearance process once the exit formalities are approved. Asset notifications are triggered to respective departments.

Exit Interview Process

Set up questions to be uploaded in the exit questionnaires automatically based on the departments and their period of service. Schedule Exit Interview with Reporting Heads / HOD and Management for exit formalities.

Policy Management

Define Employee / Grade / Designation wise notice period policies. Capture Notice Period violation and analysis on Employee Exits.System will automatically enforce the assigned notice period to employees.