easyHR User Management Overview

easyHR User Management is a powerful tool to manage your application users. You can add / edit user information. Mark them as active / inactive in the system.From creating a new employee to editing his personal details , you have all the power to play with user information management module.easyHR can be integrated with Google Apps , Office365 , Active Directory for user authentication. This gives complete control over the application for the IT administration team.

Employee Creation

Create a new Employee in easyHR with all details. You can add Personal Details , Address Details , Contact Details and also attach documents like PAN , AADhaar, Passport etc.You can also quickly create a new contact and ask the employee to fill in the balance details.

Employee Security

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Document Management

Admins can generate documents for employees , be it Offer Letters , Increment Letters or Appointment Letters. You can define your own template and generate documents for employees.Admins can also upload employee previous companies documents , salary slip , relieving letters etc.