“When you can see all your spending, you can control all your costs”



Planning for a business trip could involve browsing through a number of travel and stay options, and finalising one based on the company’s travel policy. Moreover, travel plans made by employees need a pre-approval from their managers (and others) to proceed with the booking. So searching for the right travel & stay options and then compiling a report of the same for an approval takes up a lot of productive time of the employees. Here is where an online travel and Expense Solution can play an important part.


TravExio is the perfect Travel and Expense solution for your organisation built on MS SharePoint. TravExio caters to Domestic and International travel management. Employees can claim local conveyance or expenses against an official travel.



Key Features-


  •  Automate expenses from receipt to reimbursement
  •  Proactively manage spend with Account Payable automation
  •  Capture every booking, no matter how it’s booked
  •  With all your data in one place, you can get more done
  • Easily track, analyse and report on spending


Improve productivity, compliance and control over business expenses. Travel and Expense solution leads to savings for the company, and increases employees’ satisfaction thanks to easier processes and faster reimbursements.




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