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Workflow Management case study

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Case Study
Workflow Management for 121XP
Outdoor Events Management
Microsoft SharePoint On-Premise
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About Client

121XP is a pioneer in the Event Management space. They have created many brand stories and many employment opportunities in the flew of Event Management. They offer holistic solutions to experiential activations and outreach – catering to more than 40 brands across diverse industries and geographies. The Agency has a huge team of people across 8 locations. Headquartered in Mumbai, Client is India’s first-ever Out-of-the-line agency that caters to marquee clients, including Gulfoil, Petronas, Legrand, Axis Bank, JSW, Tata Group, and many more.

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    The client had complex business processes. These processes were executed manually on excel sheets and emails. The client approached AscenWork to automate the current manual business process.AscenWork’s Project Management and Business Analyst team understood the entire business process with the help of the Client’s team.AscenWork prepared detailed documentation along with the application prototype and showcased to the management their ideas. After multiple meetings and brainstorming sessions, we all concluded the automation of the existing business process.

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    AscenWork Technologies automated the entire team on a single platform. For executing a project client has a Business Development team, Projects team, Operations team, Finance, and Management. Using Microsoft SharePoint, AscenWork developed a customized workflow solution that cuts across all the major stakeholders in the team. The solution has validations, approvals, maker-checker, and Management dashboards to track the entire process with a click of a button.
    The application started from the creation of a project with client budgets, later the operations team enters the estimated spends against every line item. Here the system calculates the net margin. In case the net margin is less than 30% the project goes for management approval else finance team approval. Once approved, the operations team can assign vendors against every spend on the project. The system can also generate Purchase Orders for the vendor. Invoices against the Purchase order can be uploaded. This helped the finance team to track and manage cashflows against the project. The system also has special approval provisions in case of any escalations on the project. The project closes in the system once all the procurement and payment against invoices are completed. Project closure rights are with the Finance team.


    The Customized Workflow Management System automates and eliminates any human interference in the entire business process. It gave transparency to the project and helped the team to manage multiple projects at a time effectively. The application has user roles and responsibilities, which helped the client restrict confidential data to the teams who have permission to view the same.

    Features of Workflow Management System

    Define Project / Activity
    Define Client Costs
    Document Upload
    Get Internal project
    Costs across various heads
    Manage Vendor Information
    Estimate Agency Commission
    Invoice Upload
    Reports and MIS
    Track Purchase details
    Activity Closure Process
    Manage Tax information
    Manage activity-wise details
    Manage the employees working

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