Case Studies

  • Microsoft SharePoint based-Document and Records Management Application -Office365-Microsoft 365-AscenWork Technologies
    SharePoint Document Management System

    SharePoint-based Collaborative Document Management System manages and stores documents in a centralized directory. Users can share these documents across various departments/users and groups.

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  • Microsoft SharePoint based-Intranet Portal Application-Office365-Microsoft 365-AscenWork Technologies
    SharePoint Intranet Portal

    Intranet Portal enables organizations to be on a single platform. This helps to minimize manual intervention and automate various business processes

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  • Microsoft SharePoint based-Customized Application Development-Office365-Microsoft 365-AscenWork Technologies
    Custom Application Development

    AscenWork Technologies expertise in Custom Application Development on SharePoint. We understand the current business process and develop accordingly on Microsoft SharePoint

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  • Microsoft SharePoint based-Workflow Application Development-Approval-Rejection-Office365-Microsoft 365-AscenWork Technologies
    Workflow Management System

    Workflow Management System automates and eliminates any human interference in your business process. It gives transparency to the project manager and helps the team to manage multiple projects at a time effectively.

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  • Microsoft SharePoint based-Travel-Expense and Claims Management Application-Office365-Microsoft 365-AscenWork Technologies
    Travel Expense Management

    Tracking Travel Plans, Advance Payments against a Travel Plan, and Payment Reimbursements with approvals. The Travel and Expense management application automates the entire process of Travel till reimbursements.

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  • Microsoft SharePoint based-Contracts-Legal-Document-Management-Application-Office365-Microsoft 365-AscenWork Technologies
    Contracts Management Application

    SharePoint-based Contracts Management Application is a one-stop solution for the client for managing various contracts till payment tracking. Manage and Maintain the history of past agreements and contracts.

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  • SharePoint-Project Management Application-Film-Budgeting-Application-Microsoft 365 - Office 365-AscenWork Technologies
    Project Management Application

    Project Management Application enables to have a real-time view of all projects and track Estimated vs. Actual costs. The application helps in tracking cost escalation, additional expenditures,and managing cash flow.

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  • Microsoft SharePoint based-Hotel - Conference - Room-Booking Application-Office365-Microsoft 365-AscenWork Technologies
    Room Booking Management System

    Tracking Room Availability, Daily Check-In / Check-Outs, Booking Calendar, and User-wise Dashboard are few of the key features of Room Booking Application developed on SharePoint

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  • Microsoft SharePoint based-Compliance-Policy Management Application-Office365-Microsoft 365-AscenWork Technologies
    Policy Management System

    AscenWork Technologies developed an Integrated Policy Management system having data integration points at Active Directory / Oracle Systems and iServer.

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  • Microsoft SharePoint based-Content - Wiki -Knowledge- Management Application-Office365-Microsoft 365-AscenWork Technologies
    SharePoint Content Management System

    SharePoint-based Content Management System can create pages/widgets ( sidebar on web pages ), have multiple page templates for page creation.It has a WYSIWYG( What you see is what you get) editor for updating content.

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  • Microsoft SharePoint based-Invoice - Bills - Management Application-Office365-Microsoft 365-AscenWork Technologies
    Invoice Approval Management Application

    SharePoint Invoicing Application helps to track Sales, track employee performance, control Invoice Approvals and Rejections, and calculate payouts and net margins to the company.

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