Easy HR

Easy HR Overview

EasyHR is simple & intuitive Cloud-based HR Software for SMEs & enterprises. It provides HRIS records, leaves & attendance, Payroll, expenses, travel, performance management, making it very easy to manage Human Capital in your organization. Easy HR is a software application that is collaborative, cost-effective, useful & transparent. This understanding, coupled with knowledge of the various software development tools, has led us to venture into the swiftly emerging arena of Software as a Service (SaaS).

Application Modules

Employee Self Service

Your employees can now review & update their profile, view public company directory for contact information, check for time off and apply for vacations, claim travel expenses and attend trainings.

Leave & Attendance

Employees and Managers get up-to-date leave information. Managers can plan their employee leaves using the department/division vacation calendar. Easily setup leave workflow to match your company’s requirement.


Easy HR provides a complete package for defining your payroll and compliance forms for Provident Fund, ESIC, MLWF, PT and Income Tax. Setup Loans and Advances

Claims Management

Track expenses and set up a workflow for the approvals and payments. Categories your expenses for better accounting, assign expenses to specific approved travel requests.

Travel & Outdoor

Implement your travel policy with the travel module. Record and get approvals for travels and track travel expenses. Automatically maintain a travel calendar.

Onboarding & Exit

Automate the Onboarding and Exit process for employees. Follow processes and checklists and automatically generate onboarding and exit documents and improve the employee experience.


Get applicant resumes straight in Easy HR. Schedule interviews and manage communication with applicants. rate and leave interview notes directly from Easy HR.


Easy HR Provide a simple but effective way to manage HR requests from employees and streamline the responses. This will ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.


Conduct Performance reviews based on templates that you set up. for quarterly, half-yearly, or annually. Get feedback and peer review. setup rules for performance pay