Easy HR

Easy HR Overview

A complete software program called Easy HR was created to speed up and simplify the processes involved in managing human resources. Easy HR allows HR professionals to successfully manage critical HR tasks and improve workforce management with its user-friendly UI and intuitive features. 

It offers HRIS records, leaves and attendance, payroll, expenses, travel, and performance management, which makes it very simple to manage human capital in your company. Easy HR is a software program that fosters collaboration and is affordable, practical, and transparent. We have entered the rapidly developing field of Software as a Service (SaaS) thanks to this insight and our familiarity with multiple software development tools. 

Application Modules

Employee Self Service

Employees can access and update their personal information, examine pay stubs, request time off, and manage their benefits through the module’s employee self-service site. This self-service functionality encourages openness and gives workers the ability to take control of their HR-related responsibilities.

Leave & Attendance

Employees may request leave, monitor their attendance, and examine their remaining leave balances thanks to Easy HR’s user-friendly leave and attendance management system. The module improves workflow management and exact tracking of employee leave data by automating the approval process. 


Easy HR streamlines payroll processing by automating computations, tax deductions, and the production of precise pay slips thanks to its sophisticated payroll administration capabilities. Incorporating attendance data into the module provides accurate and effective salary calculations. 

Claims Management

Employees are able to submit requests for reimbursement for costs spent while performing work-related activities thanks to the Easy HR module, which automates the claims management process. Claims can be efficiently reviewed, approved, and processed by HR specialists, assuring prompt reimbursements and lowering administrative costs. 

Travel & Outdoor

The module streamlines travel coordination and enhance expense tracking by allowing employees to submit trip requests, expenses, and itinerary details for HR to assess and approve.

Onboarding & Exit

A smooth onboarding and exit management solution is provided by Easy HR, automating procedures such as document collecting, employee orientation, and exit interviews. The module makes sure that new hires have an easy transition and automates the offboarding procedure, increasing efficiency and minimizing manual paperwork. 


The hiring process is simplified by the recruitment module, which also handles arranging interviews and candidate evaluation in addition to posting jobs and tracking applicants. HR specialists may manage job vacancies, examine resumes, and work together with hiring managers to ensure a smooth and effective hiring procedure. 


Employees can submit requests, ask queries, and seek support from the HR staff using the help desk feature in the Easy HR module. Employee inquiries can be effectively handled and resolved by HR professionals, ensuring clear communication and prompt assistance. 


Making goal setting, performance evaluations, and feedback easier, the module provides performance management tools. It helps HR executives to monitor employee performance, identify problem areas, and promote a culture of ongoing learning and progress.