Top Skills You Need to Become a SharePoint Developer in 2023

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Software Development is one of the most in-demand skills today. There are different kinds of developers, depending on what type of problems they solve or applications they build. However, there is more to being a developer than just coding. Aspiring developers need technical and non-technical skills to succeed in this field.

What Is a SharePoint Developer?

SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform developed by Microsoft with its unique features and capabilities. In addition to providing collaboration tools and document management functions, SharePoint allows users to build their custom applications using web-based technologies. As a result, SharePoint has become one of the world’s leading platforms for building business solutions.

As a SharePoint developer, you will work closely with other professionals and stakeholders to develop customized solutions that meet your organization’s needs. Some tasks of a SharePoint developer include developing sites using SharePoint, creating workflow applications, writing and modifying code, and solving bugs.

Skills You Need to Be a SharePoint Developer

As mentioned earlier, you must be equipped with a few skills to succeed as a SharePoint developer. These skills will help you become a better team member and increase your chances of getting hired by companies. Here are some of the top skills needed to be a SharePoint developer:

1) Experience With SharePoint Technologies

It goes without saying that you need to have extensive experience with SharePoint technologies to become a SharePoint developer. This means knowing various aspects of the software, including its other out-of-the-box features. This includes proficiency in SharePoint Object Model, SharePoint Designer, SPFx, and SharePoint Ribbon functionality.

2) Programming Language Knowledge

Since SharePoint developers are responsible for programming custom solutions for clients, it’s imperative that you know how to program and write clean and concise code. SharePoint uses programming languages supported by the .NET framework, such as C#, Visual Basic.NET, and JavaScript. Knowledge of Java-related programming languages can also come in handy.

However, it’s ideal that you know how to code in C#. This is because most books, documentation, and code samples of SharePoint are in this language. It also makes sense to use C# for developing custom applications for SharePoint since many Microsoft products already use it.

3) CSS and HTML

CSS and HTML are required for application design and maintenance. They are the core technologies for building Web pages, allowing you to create attractive layouts and pages for your SharePoint application. SharePoint developers should know how to use CSS and HTML to make changes to the existing structure and add new functionality.

4) Understanding of User Interface Design Principles

As a SharePoint developer, you also need to understand user interface design principles well. Since SharePoint provides a rich set of tools and services, you must understand how users can interact with them effectively.

For instance, you should know what happens when users click on links or buttons and how they navigate through different parts of an app. Understanding user experience can help you build applications that are intuitive and easy to use.

5) Cloud Technology Expertise

As a SharePoint developer, cloud computing expertise will come in handy. An ever-growing number of companies are migrating their data centers to the cloud. With cloud technology, you don’t need physical servers anymore. Instead, you can store your files and applications on remote servers that provide high availability and scalability. As a result, SharePoint developers with cloud technology experience will have an easier time finding career opportunities.

6) Teamwork Skills

When working as a SharePoint developer, it’s essential to have excellent communication skills. In addition to being skilled at coding and designing websites, you should be able to collaborate well with others. Sharepoint developers need to be able to listen to colleagues’ ideas and suggestions while still maintaining the integrity of their ideas.

You’ll need to communicate well with developers, project managers, business owners, and even clients to ensure that all parties understand each other’s roles and responsibilities. Excellent communication skills will help you develop innovative solutions that meet client needs.

7) Patience

It’s not easy to become a SharePoint developer. It can take years for you to perfect your skills. However, patience is key to becoming a successful SharePoint developer. You’ll encounter challenges daily, and sometimes, things go wrong. The key is to learn from those errors and be patient enough to fix them. In addition, since SharePoint already has different out-of-the-box features, you may need to step out of your usual way of doing things to create better solutions.

8) Creativity

SharePoint development involves more than just creating apps and configuring them. You need to think creatively about solutions to problems and find ways to improve existing processes. Creativity comes in handy when trying to solve complex issues or implementing custom development projects. So as a SharePoint developer, you should always be open to new approaches and learning new techniques.

Final Words

Becoming a SharePoint developer is a great career choice for anyone who likes to innovate. However, there are different skills needed to become one. If you’re considering starting a career as a SharePoint developer, honing the skills listed above will get you started. Once you’ve mastered these seven crucial skills, you’ll be ready to start applying for jobs as a SharePoint developer.

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